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Tsingoal pays tribute to frontline combatants in the direct anti-coronavirus war and to the enterprises and employees who have resumed social responsibility!



Tsingoal donated 100 sets of "contact tracking and trajectory tracking" anti-epidemic location-specific big data systems to all manufacturing enterprises that have deployed LocalSense wireless positioning systems for free to realize the monitoring, screening, backtracking and statistics of suspected outbreaks in digital factories. , Including: five-in-one "location war epidemic big data system", suspected person contact tracking software, suspected person historical trajectory software, and factory location big data heat map software.

The anti-epidemic system has been approved by a large number of manufactures who have already resumed and manufacturing enterprises who are ready to resume, especially automobile-intensive and assembly-manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, and power-intensive or high-security enterprises. The IT departments of various enterprises actively cooperated in remote deployment, and the following week. They successively accepted the "contact tracking and trace back" deployment support requirements for the big data system dedicated to epidemic prevention.



Challenge: High-density factories are suspected to be difficult to track, fearing that the entire plant will be shut down


The resumption is coming, the characteristics of high infection and asymptomatic latent infection of novel coronavirus Pneumonia in close contact will undoubtedly pose a huge challenge for large enterprises to stop the spread of the virus. In order to ensure national economy and people's livelihood, many enterprises, such as automobile manufacturing and assembly, electronics manufacturing, and logistics companies, have to resume to work. They have operating scene characteristics such as intensive personnel and frequent worker collaboration. In addition, rework workers from the Spring Festival holiday from the Potential infections may be extremely high in various regions and long-distance “migration” across regions. It is conceivable that the urgency and pressure of epidemic prevention and control within enterprises can be imagined. How to ensure the safe operation of the company before the end of the pneumonia epidemic, screen potential infections, and prevent the overall isolation of the company due to one person's infection is very important. At the same time, how to take advantage of other relevant epidemic prevention measures, such as preventing staff from joining posts to expand the scope of infection, intelligent monitoring of disinfection work, etc. Therefore, preventing the outbreak of the epidemic within the company have also become a big concern for enterprises.


Digitization: LocalSense five-in-one "location epidemic big data system"


Tsingoal takes “technology for good” as its service tenet, actively considers and discusses that UWB high-precision positioning technology plays a key role in emergency events such as corporate epidemic prevention and control which is based on LocalSense® high-precision positioning system for large enterprises. The user provides a five-in-one innovative solution for corporate epidemic prevention and control, including “contact and trajectory traceback + precise control and prevention of stringing posts + close contact early warning + personnel dense area heat map + intelligent monitoring of killing work”. The active epidemic prevention and control model covers all automatic modes, all areas, all day and all targets.


Precisely control the operation area to prevent the spread of posts and other acts to expand the scope of infection

According to different personnel roles, the operation area is limited. When the personnel exceed their authorized area activities, the system performs an alarm and prompts employees to cross the boundary to prevent the risk of expanding the scope of infection.


Trace back to contacts and traces to quickly and comprehensively investigate contacts

Locate personnel, display or view personnel's position and trajectory in real time, while realizing functions such as dynamic roll-in of personnel in any area, rapid positioning of absentees, etc., Form a contact map of internal personnel based on the big data of personnel location so that potentially infected persons can quickly and comprehensively investigate other contacts and isolate them in a timely manner.


Close contact early warning in public areas

In public areas where people are concentrated, such as canteens, according to different departments and personnel roles, set contact distance limits to prevent employees in various departments of the company from close contact / unnecessary personnel gathering in the public area. That is through technology means to ensure that employees consciously maintain a safe distance and maximum degree of evacuation, thereby reducing the possibility of large-scale cross-infection


Heat map analysis of personnel-intensive areas, accurate high-frequency disinfection range

Realize the heat map analysis function. According to the heat map display, high-frequency disinfection and sterilization are performed in areas where people are more concentrated, which greatly reduces the possibility to cause infection and air droplets when people touching surrounding objects and facilities.


Intelligent monitoring of disinfection work, no dead end in killing work

During the disinfection and sterilization process, personnel wear positioning tags to achieve intelligent monitoring of disinfection work, to eliminate irregularities such as inadequate disinfection and unscheduled disinfection during the disinfection process, and to ensure safe disinfection and no dead ends.


Science and technology for good, get through the hardships together


Tsingoal Information Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on location internet thing technology for six consecutive years, and has continuously applied precision location technology to intelligent manufacturing efficiency empowerment and smart city social management. "State-owned war, whenever there is a call, they must return, whenever there is a fight, they must win" In the fight against the novel coronavirus, Tsingoal is ready to contribute its own strength and overcome the difficulties at any time.





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