German Volkswagen Executive Team Visits TSINGOAL and Discuss the Application of Internet of Things in the Vehicle Industry

In late May, executives from the Volkswagen Group, the Volkswagen brand and the Audi brand's intelligent manufacturing department and innovation department set off from Wolfsburg, Germany, and went to the Beijing headquarters of Tsingoal Branch to inspect the LocalSense innovative systems and products. We listened to the general manager of the Tsingoal Technology Division to introduce the innovative application of LocalSense in the domestic automotive industry, and discussed the value of IIOT in assembly shop / rework shop tracking, tool automation control, staff efficiency improvement and other links.


As the pearl of the industrial field, the automobile industry is also a bridgehead for the transformation of the industrial industry. The occurrence and advancement of each industrial revolution is closely related to the automobile industry. In the context of the industrial era in which Germany strongly advocates Industry 4.0, China focuses on promoting Made in China 2025, and the United States puts forward the concept of the Industrial Internet, automobile manufacturing has become the forefront of the exploration and practice of intelligent manufacturing.

Dr. HOLGER HEYN who is in charge of Volkswagen's advanced manufacturing technology, said that he was impressed by the landing applications of TSINGOAL in domestic joint venture brands including FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, and Mercedes-Benz. At Volkswagen's factories in Germany and Europe, I hope to recommend LocolSense products to Volkswagen Poland and other factories. "The intelligent efforts of China's first-line factories in the automotive industry have covered all aspects of the production line, all kinds of internet technological means are making efforts to improve 0.1% efficiency of the product line indirectly" said the manager of the Tsingoal. "China's determination to transform its manufacturing industry cannot be underestimated."


| Company Profile

Tsingoal originated from the State Key Laboratory of Testing Technology and Instruments at Tsinghua University. It is the world's leading provider of industrial precision positioning products and solutions. The company ’s headquarter is based in Beijing and has set up technical support centers in Guangzhou and Nanjing. The whole line of business covers the whole country, some of its business covering Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. The company's founding team is from the Department of Precision Instrumentation and Automation of Tsinghua University.

| LocalSense System Introduction

LocalSense, as a mature and batch-applied high-precision location technology, solves the problem of precise positioning of industrial site supply chain components, equipment, vehicles, and personnel. It has been widely used in the field of automotive manufacturing, storage and logistics, electronics manufacturing, power energy, tunnel transportation and public inspection law industries. Qingoal LocalSense provides 0.1-meter high-precision location services, products and solutions. It also provides stable and reliable data quality assurance and massive location big data analysis engines and platforms which can seamlessly get access to MES, WMS, PMS and other systems.





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