【Smart Security】LocalSense Helps Safeguard the Summer Davos Forum


During the 2018 Tianjin Summer Davos Forum, the Tsingoal as a technical support unit successfully completed the technical support task for the special police personnel positioning system delivered by the Tianjin Security Bureau. The use of LocalSense at the scene successfully realized the visual tracking and comprehensive command decision-making of the entire guard force.

LocalSense high-precision positioning integrated command and management system has been deployed in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center for half a year, and has positioned thousands of guards in major events, effectively improving emergency response capabilities and comprehensive decision-making levels.


Precise on-site geographic location information services can improve management efficiency in the field of government public management. Among them, in the application of security personnel in the exhibition hall, a comprehensive command is used to visually display personnel positions, and scientific deployment and rapid emergency control are made according to the distribution of security forces. ; For emergency emergencies, the location-based rapid regulation deployment has reduced the average in-place time by more than 75%.



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