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“Only wealth with a loving heart is truly meaningful, and only enterprises that actively undertake social responsibilities are the most competitive and dynamic ones.” —— President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping
We always keep the original intention and mission in mind. In the process of technology development, market promotion and enterprise operation, TSINGOAL always keeps in mind the beneficial direction of technology application which is conducive to economic the duty to promote economic development and social stability while applying technology to various industries. In recent years, TSINGOAL has been keeping pace with social responsibility in the process of enterprise development.
Providing leading technical support for global epidemic prevention

Tsingoal has sold 100,000+ epidemic prevention wristbands/ badges to overseas markets based on its world-leading technologies such as "digital contact tracking" and "ultra-high-precision positioning", helping to fight epidemics and boost economies worldwide with the power of Chinese technology.
Support national development strategies and major events

We give full play to technological advantages and fulfill the mission and responsibility of supporting the development strategies of "made in China 2025", "smart city", "development plan of public security and judicial informatization" and other important fields;
We implemented important instructions, actively ensured location information projects during major national events such as the summer DAVOS forum, the Men’s Basketball World Cup in China and the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), and ensured that major events were carried out in a safe, stable and orderly manner.
Operation efficiency improvement and life safety protection

Tsingoal provides scientific and technological support for many enterprises to optimize the business process, improve production efficiency, strengthen the management level, and standardize the safety of production. Especially for eliminating the fire hazards, with the applications in safety warning, evacuation and rescue, and anti-collision warning, precise location technology is effectively saving the employees' life in some typical scenarios of electric power inspection, tunnel construction, underground work and forklift truck operation, and reducing the rate of accidents involving heavy casualties for hundreds of companies.
University activities and social welfare support

Tsingoal actively supports activities in colleges and universities and the social public welfare, such as being the title sponsor of Qinghai Aemye Ma-chhen mountaineering activities of Tsinghua University in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Nation Day. Tsingoal did its best to provide support and care for the players to overcome the cold glaciers, complex terrain as well as changing climate and a series of difficulties, and to reach the Aemye Ma-chhen Peak with the height of 6,282m above sea level on July 22, 2019 6:03 a.m.





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